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Oxygen Generator do’s and don’ts

Oxygen therapy plays a major role in supporting life as well as combustion. Inhaling oxygen has benefits and some side effects also. People who are involved in the administration of oxygen should always be aware of the side effects and potential hazards of this medication.

Though oxygen is present all around us in the air, high concentrations of it can be dangerous for mainly two reasons. Those 2 reasons are discussed below.

1. Oxygen as a fire hazard:

Oxygen is one such gas that is not inflammable in itself but when it comes in contact with a flame or even a small spark, it may cause a fire that gets uncontrolled speedily. To create such a scenario, everything it requires, is a small high concentration of heat, fuel like paper or fabric, and high oxygen purity.

Here are some safety measures that you must take when you use oxygen therapy at home.

1.    Use of petroleum-based products or oil while using oxygen should be strictly prohibited.

2.    Oxygen canisters should be kept at least 10 feet away from open flames.

3.    Usage of electric razors while using oxygen therapy should be strictly banned as they are known to put off sparks.

4.    Oxygen concentrator users should stay at least 10 feet away from open flames.

5.    High heat sources like electric heaters and non-gas ovens should be kept 5 feet away.

6.    Make sure all smoke detectors are working properly and in case their batteries are low replace them as soon as possible and keep a check on them in the future.

7.    Do not smoke in rooms where oxygen therapy is given.

8.    When the oxygen equipment is not in use, it should be kept away from the source of heat.

9.    Oxygen cylinders should be kept safely. In case they fall over, their valves can get loose and they can become a dangerous missile.

10.    Keep a quick escape plan ready always so you know what you have to do in case a fire breaks out.

2. Oxygen as a medication:

The use of oxygen from a high concentrator or an oxygen concentrator is always prescribed by a doctor. Its dosage should not be changed without consulting a doctor. Too much or too little oxygen dosage can cause severe problems for the patient. It can cause damage to the lungs to receive too much high purity oxygen at a time.

So, the user should simply follow the dosage instructions prescribed by the doctor.

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