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Most Important Uses of Liquid Helium

Liquid Helium, the second lightest element has many uses. Some of its major uses are listed below. Read them here-

1. In Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines

MRI machines are used by doctors to diagnose tumors, cancers, heart damage, heart strokes, brain diseases and they need liquid helium to cool the superconducting magnet that provides their magnetic field.

2. In Digital Devices Manufacturing

Helium plays a prominent role in creating semiconductors which are used in almost every electronic device today.  Liquid Helium cools the magnets that are used in the manufacturing process of these semiconductors. Optical fiber cables are also manufactured by using liquid helium. Helium is used for chilling of fresh drown fiber where it serves as a non-reacting thermal contacting agent.

3. In Space Shuttles

In space shuttles, liquid helium is used to clean the fuel tanks. It is used as a tank cleaner because the fuel tanks are extremely cold and putting other liquids in them would freeze them resulting in clogged pipes. Also, other materials may react with oxygen (O2 and liquid hydrogen are used for fuel in space shuttles) and explode. Whereas, helium is inert and won’t combust.

4. In balloons

Most of us knew that helium is used only in party balloons but it is also used on research balloons, weather balloons, and defense survey balloons.

5. In defence and military

In the U.S, military’s submarine detectors utilize liquid helium to clean any noisy signal that is disturbing their work and the air force in the U.S uses helium in experiments on superconductors as a power source. Liquid helium is also an important element for the heat-guided missile.

MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has made the production of liquid helium easier with Cryomech’s Liquid Helium plants. These plants are supplied in India, Middle East, and South Asia by the company.

Cryomech (USA) is a world leader for manufacturing liquid helium plants and MVS develops their plants in partnership with this company.

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